Buying oak furniture with House of Oak

Browse all of our oak furniture sets for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or home office. Our carefully selected oak furniture ranges offer the best in quality and style. Elevate your home with a beautiful matching oak furniture set in a natural or painted wood finish.

Solid Oak furniture is the highest quality you can buy and is constructed to withstand the test of time and busiest of households. Not only this but oak furniture will melt seamlessly into your home design choices as it is incredibly versatile.

Oak furniture is a great way to add warmth to your family home and brighten up the space, whether replacing or updating you are sure to find a solid oak furniture range to suit your needs.

We also offer 0% finance options so that you can buy the oak furniture set of your dreams with comfort and ease.

New Ranges

Browse the latest oak furniture ranges in a selection of styles. House of Oak have carefully chosen range of stunning oak furniture including classic, contemporary, rustic, and Scandinavian stylings. Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find the perfect oak furniture range for your home here.

We are always adding new pieces of oak furniture to our collection and ranges allowing us to move with the modern home design trends whilst still offering more traditional pieces. Our oak furniture ranges are unique and stylish and come in a variety of colours, with lots on offer you won’t be stuck for choice when choosing your perfect furniture piece.

House of Oak - Your Oak Furniture Specialists

Oak by name, oak by nature. House of Oak are connoisseurs of oak furniture, sourcing only the highest quality products from around the world and delivering them straight into your household.

Being a family-run business, we appreciate the importance of family time, and we strive to help you enjoy the time spent with your family in a perfect, homely environment. No piece of our handcrafted oak furniture is the same, varying in shades, pattern and knotholes – it's the small things that count.

An investment in House of Oak furniture is not only for yourself, but for generations to come. Each item has a story to tell; let it be yours.

Handcrafted Oak Furniture

House of Oak prides itself on creating handcrafted oak furniture pieces that are the highest of quality. Every home deserves beautiful furniture that is built to withstand the test of time.

That's why every item of solid oak furniture has been designed and crafted to the finest detail. Homewear styles and trends fade, but solid oak furniture remains timeless, perfect for modern or traditional styled homes.

There are many advantages to investing in oak furniture for your home not only is it highly-durable but it can also a beautiful statement within your home. Oak furniture is sustainable too as unlike many other building materials, oak occurs naturally. You don’t have to go through an energy intensive process to create oak furniture, instead, it is created in a way that gives back to the environment.

Oak Furniture For Every Room Of The House

All our oak furniture has been hand-picked to offer you the best selection of solid wood furniture, for every room of the house and for every home design or style. Our oak furniture collections offer a range of products that are suitable for many different rooms and offer many different storage solutions.

Whether you're looking for an oak dining room table, TV stand or bedframe, explore our exclusive selection of oak furniture and shop by room or by range to find to oak furniture pieces of your dreams.

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