Oak Bookcases

Available in a range of styles, our oak bookcases are sturdy and hand-selected for their superior quality and design. We stock solid oak shelves in large, tall, and narrow designs, optionally coming with built-in doors and drawers. Explore our range of oak bookcases and free-standing bookshelves below, in natural oak or painted white or grey.

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  1. Mayfair Mirrored Bookcase Save
  2. Manor Oak 2 Door Bookcase Save
  3. Deluxe Oak Large Bookcase Save
  4. Pandora Solid Oak Bookcase (tall) Save
  5. Fusion Bookshelf

    Fusion Bookshelf



  6. Pandora Solid Oak Bookcase (1 Door) Save
  7. Z Oak Large Bookcase

    Z Oak Large Bookcase



  8. Manor Oak Small Bookcase Save
  9. Harmony Oak - Shelf Unit Save
  10. Z Oak 1 Drawer Narrow Bookcase Save
  11. New Hampshire Oak 2 Drawer Bookcase Save
  12. New Hampshire Oak 2 Drawer Bookcase Save
  13. Deluxe Oak Small Bookcase Save
  14. Z Oak Small Bookcase

    Z Oak Small Bookcase



  15. Scandic Oak - Large Bookcase Save
  16. New Hampshire Oak Tall Bookcase Save
  17. Pandora Solid Oak Small Bookcase Save
  18. Rustic Oak Large Bookcase Save
  19. Scandic Oak - Narrow Cabinet Save
  20. Harewood Oak Medium Bookcase Save
  21. Opus Solid Oak Large Bookcase Save
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Items 1-30 of 56

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There are few things more beautiful than a bookcase full of books. A well-stocked bookcase symbolises education and learning, and elevates any living room or home office. But with all that weight, quality furniture is vital. That’s why we stock only the sturdiest, best-designed oak bookcases.

Some of our favourite items are large oak bookcases. They are majestic examples of beautiful real wood design and make for the perfect way to display your collection of books, CDs or other items. However, our small oak bookcases are elegant and classy, and are ideal for smaller spaces or smaller collections.

If you’re looking for an oak bookcase with doors to give your books extra protection, explore our items above or find an oak display cabinet that might work even better!

Browse our full range of oak living room furniture.