Solid Oak Bookcases For Sale

Our selection of solid oak bookcases for sale offers a sleek and stylish solution for organising your books and showcasing decorative items. From large oak bookcases that make a statement to small oak bookshelves for tighter spaces, our range has plenty of options available. Light oak bookcases bring any room a fresh and airy feel, while a darker finish offers a touch of traditional elegance. Add a functional yet stylish solid oak bookcase to your living space or home office.

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A solid oak bookcase does wonders for any room, giving you a platform to display your prized possessions, photos, and books. The natural grain and durability of solid oak provides a long-lasting yet beautiful storage solution. You can also pair your bookcase with a matching oak coffee table, side table, or both, allowing for a consistent style across the room. 


Oak Bookcase FAQ’s


What is the best finish for a solid oak bookshelf?

The best finish for solid oak bookcases often depends on the look and protection you desire. An oil or lacquer finish will preserve the natural beauty of the oak.


How much does a solid oak bookshelf weigh?

The weight of solid oak bookcases can vary significantly based on their size and design. Smaller units might weigh around 30-50 kg, while larger, more larger pieces can weigh over 100 kg.


How much weight can solid oak bookshelf hold?

A solid oak bookshelf can generally hold substantial weight, typically up to 150 kg distributed evenly across the shelves. The exact capacity can vary, so it's wise to check the specifications for your particular model.


What is the thickness of solid wood furniture?

The thickness of solid wood furniture, including solid oak bookcases, typically ranges from 3/4 inch (about 19 mm) to 1 1/4 inches (about 32 mm).


Can a solid oak bookcase be too heavy for a floor?

A solid oak bookcase can be quite heavy, especially when fully loaded with books. Most modern floors can support this weight, but for older homes or specific flooring types, it's best to consult with a professional to avoid any risk.


Can a solid oak bookcase fall over?

Like any tall piece of furniture, a solid oak bookcase can fall over if knocked, particularly if the weight is unevenly distributed towards the top. It is always recommended to put the bookcase against a wall to make this less likely to happen.