Leather Sofas

Leather Sofas

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If you’re decorating your living room and you’ve been browsing our selection, you may have noticed that we don’t have fabric sofas to offer. We’re big believers in leather sofas, and people often ask us why that is. Hopefully this will answer all your questions.

Compared to Cloth

There are numerous blogs and articles comparing leather to cloth for sofas, and at the end of the day a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Our preference lies with leather, and here’s why:

Cloth sofas are often a product of their time, where leather sofas are timeless.

Cloth sofas can come in many different colours, patterns and styles, able to match even the wildest of interior decoration styles. However, when the desire comes over you to redecorate, your cloth sofa may not match your new style, and you’ll need to find a new one.

Leather sofas, by comparison, are much more neutral in their design, so they work well with everything. Colours tend towards neutral, and you won’t find a leather sofa with wild patterns on it. This means they can fit into basically any design style you choose. You’ll have difficulty finding a living room in which a traditional black or brown leather sofa doesn’t look good.

Cloth sofas can also deteriorate faster, and don’t last as long. It’s sometimes said that leather sofas are easier to look after, but that comes with being longer lasting; you don’t have to look after leather any more than cloth, but if you choose to, your leather sofa will be with you for a much longer time.

Compared to cloth, leather is easy to decorate around, and if you look after it right, it’ll last significantly longer.

Compared to Oak

Leather sofas have a gravitas that isn’t available to their cloth counterparts. They look good, feel good and even smell good. In short, leather is like the Oak of sofas.

All the qualities we love about our favourite hardwood can be found in leather too. It has a uniqueness that comes from life, and a level of class that can’t be replicated by manufactured alternatives.

Leather crafting has a long tradition that helps inform modern design, and lends it a timelessness just like our oak furniture. That timelessness is enhanced by the fact that a well-looked-after leather sofa will last you for a considerable amount of time all while getting more and more comfortable along the way. Like oak, once you’ve invested in a leather sofa, it becomes a centrepiece to your home and even your life.

We see leather as the oak of sofas, and some of our designs even incorporate a mix of both materials. That’s why the sofas we sell are leather sofas, and we strongly believe they should be a part of your home.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our leather sofa selection and then tell us you’re not tempted.