Cheval Mirrors

Cheval Mirrors

Cheval mirrors originate from France, they are usually used as dressing mirrors and got their name from their four feet resembling a horse. They are full length mirrors with stands or feet and you will usually find them in bedrooms. They are beautiful stand-alone, leaning or angled mirrors that can be placed in a room without damaging your walls. Their angled appearance gives the impression that they are larger than their actual size meaning that they will help to make your space feel bigger and look brighter overall.

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Bedroom Cheval Mirrors

Once you have a cheval mirror you aren’t limited to using it in just one place, however, the most common spot to place them is in the bedroom but they will look gorgeous anywhere in bathrooms, dining rooms and even living rooms, they will help to add some glamorous decor to any room in your house. They usually don’t come with a bulky frame and so will look modern and elegant standing in your home.

Oak Cheval Mirrors

Oak cheval mirrors are the perfect way to get a classic feel from a modern piece of furniture the oak brings a simple warmth to the piece helping to create a welcoming atmosphere and a cosy space. The oak helps to complement the mirror and its atmosphere making it a worthy choice for any homely bedroom that is in need of a little lift.