Furniture Care

Our furniture is made to the highest standards, and we consider each of our products to be an investment to the home, meaning we want it to last as long as possible and become a historical presence in your home. We recommend a little bit of TLC from time to time to keep our furniture at it’s best. You can help to prolong any product’s life by simply caring for it and following our trusted advice.

Hardwood furniture

Wipe up spills with a soft, damp cloth straight away

Wood is a naturally porous material that quickly absorbs moisture and is therefore prone to stains from spillages. By ensuring spills are wiped up immediately and with the correct material, stains and moisture damage can be prevented.

Always use coasters, placemats and tablecloths

To protect the surfaces of your furniture, ensure a protective layer is placed in between any dining ware and furniture tops. It’s best to take precautions; prevention is better than cure.

Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight

Strong rays of sunshine can bleach wood and defect or ruin the original colour. To avoid this, try to position your furniture away from spots in the room that are particularly prone to direct sunlight or right by the window.

Avoid placing furniture next to radiators or air-conditioning units

When wood gets too hot or too cold, it can warp, so it is generally advised not to place your furniture beside radiators or air conditioning units. Position your pieces where temperature is relatively consistent.

Only use cleaning materials intended for hardwood furniture

Wood is a unique material that needs to be treated with gentle care. Make sure you use the correct cleaning materials appropriate for hardwood furniture to keep your items gleaming clean and looking their best.

Food for thought:

Due to the total individuality of each and every one of our products, it’s to be expected that there can be some variation between different items in the same range.

In addition, our craftsman pre-distress some items to give the furniture a rustic feel, consequently meaning that there is generally a lack of uniformity within certain ranges. Although we see this as a good thing, as you can enjoy a piece a of furniture that is completely individual and unique to your home.

Leather furniture

Leather offers a combination of luxury and comfort. This highly durable material can last far longer than fabric when treated well, and usually improves with age.

It is important to ensure that your leather furniture is well cared for and frequently treated with a purpose-made leather cleaner in order to optimise the life of the leather. Making sure the cleaner is made specifically for leather is important as ordinary/non-specified cleaners can cause permanent stains and damage.

Floor care

To prevent any marks from furniture on flooring, we recommend the use of coasters. These can be placed where furniture is sited on carpets and felt pads when furniture is placed on wood, tiles or any other floor coverings. This will help maintain the appearance of your flooring, avoiding any damages.


After a few weeks of use, depressions begin to appear within your mattress. Don’t worry. This is known as ‘settlement’ and is completely normal. However, it is a good idea to turn your mattress over every few weeks, as this will alternate the surfaces, allowing the mattresses to breathe and adjust to you. After the first six months you will only need to turn over the mattress once a month. Take care not to bend or twist the mattress too much when turning it over as it can damage the internal springs. Memory foam mattresses should just be rotated, not turned, as they are less susceptible to ‘settlement’ and simply mold to the grooves of your body shape.

A mattress that is treated with care through precautionary guidelines will last for many years. However, if you do any of the following, you could put your mattress at risk of a shorter life, and may invalidate any guarantee you have:

• Jumping on the mattress
• Sitting on the edge
• Twisting or bending the mattress

Take care of your mattress, and it will take care of you.