Make Your Decor Dreams Come True

Make Your Decor Dreams Come True

January is a time for dreaming. The high of Christmas and New Year is enough to make people start planning the perfect new year’s resolutions. Sadly, too many of these plans get left by the wayside, dreamt of and never achieved. But it’s not too late for you to capitalise on your New Year’s optimism and make your décor dreams come true. Get a plan together and make your dreams reality.

What Do You Really Want?

The first step is to figure out what you really want from your efforts. It’s great to imagine an entirely new house, but before you can make it happen you need a solid plan to stick to. Write down the things you want the most, and try to rank them in terms of how much you want them. There are some things you know are just pipe dreams, but when you plan things out, you’ll find that you can achieve much more than you might have thought at first. Putting it all down on paper makes it much more real, and much more realisable.

Figure Out the Costs

This is where we really have to ground ourselves in reality. It’s a shame, but it does help you realise what you’re capable of. Even if you can’t bring all your dreams to life, planning out the costs will often show you that you can achieve much more than you might have expected.

Take everything you wrote down in the last step and assign a monetary value to it. Bear in mind that the costs include more than just buying a new item. More complex items, for your kitchen or bathroom for instance, need to be fitted professionally. Renovation also involves hiring outside help.

Be pessimistic about pricing. Assume things will cost more than your best-case scenario or cheapest option, and then add an extra bit on top to account for unforeseen problems. In the worst case scenario you’ll have some money left over you can use for the next improvement.

Create a Calendar

Knowing what you want and how much it costs are one thing, but to bring it to life you need to plan when you want it to happen. Once you’ve written it down on a calendar, you have a deadline to meet, instead of just hoping “someday, maybe”.

Try and do things in the order that you want them most, since those will be the things that make you happiest. Cost is important to consider too though. Some of these projects you might need to save up for, in which case factor that into your time limit. Don’t force yourself to spend more than you can afford, and give yourself a little leeway too.

Finally, some of it will have to be done in a certain order. There’s no point creating a new floorplan until you know what new furniture you’re working with, for instance, and you don’t want to redecorate a room if you’re also intending on renovating it sometime soon.

Make It Happen

Now you know what you want, how much it costs and when you’re going to do it, it’s time to put it all into action. Often, the hardest part is getting over the hump of getting motivated, so in that sense the hardest part is already done. You’ve grounded your dreams in reality, now go forth and make your dreams come true.

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