Oak Furniture Care Guide

Here at House of Oak, we pride ourselves in providing you with unique handcrafted pieces of furniture that are built to last in your home. However, we all need a little TLC to keep our spirits up and our bodies functioning – and furniture is no exception to that!

We’re happy – even honoured - to do the majority of the work for you, but to elongate the life of your wooden furniture, we suggest following our care tips to keep the products in your home strong and as good as new for years to come. No piece of our handcrafted wooden furniture is the same due to individual natural lines and markings – meaning any product you buy from us is guaranteed to add character and charm to your home.

To ensure your hardwood furniture lasts for as long as possible in your home, make sure you pay attention to the following tips that are sure to help you to keep your home exuding the same charm and character it always has…


Take action on spillages…

furniture care


Wood is a naturally porous material. This means that it quickly absorbs moisture and therefore, if a spillage isn’t immediately cleared up, the furniture is prone to stains and moisture damage. Wipe up any spills with a soft, damp cloth to completely remove any spillages and prevent any damage to your furniture.

Invest in savvy tableware…


One of the easiest and simplest ways to prevent damage to your is to use protective tableware such as coasters, placemats and tablecloths between any dining ware and furniture tops. You’ll feel way more comfortable when you have friends over for coffee when you know there won’t be ring marks left all over your beautiful furniture!

The sun ain’t fun…


We know we don’t get much sun here in Britain, but when we do, our furniture shouldn’t have to suffer. Strong sunshine rays can bleach wood and defect or ruin the original colour, but with careful placement of your furniture – this can be avoided. Position your furniture away from spots in the room that are prone to direct sunlight or anywhere near the window.

Avoid artificial temperatures…


Wood has been known to warp when the temperature around it becomes extreme – whether that be hot or cold. Try not to place your furniture beside radiators or air conditioning units to avoid any unwanted warping and changes to your products. Instead, position your furniture in an area where the temperature is consistent and won’t compromise the look or feel of the wood.

Use the right cleaning materials…


Despite it’s hard exterior, wood is a unique and natural material that needs treating delicately and with great care. Always make sure you use the correct cleaning materials that are appropriate for hardwood furniture to ensure that your items remain spic and span!


As mentioned earlier, due to the complete individuality of each and every one of our products, there can be some variation between different items in the same range.


To give some of our products the desired rustic and worn look, our talented craftsmen often pre-distress some items to give the furniture the authentic feel we’re looking for – making for a general lack of uniformity with some ranges. We see this as part of what makes our company special, as you can remain safe in the knowledge that an investment with House of Oak is a completely unique one.

Browse our stunning furniture collections online and make a savvy investment that the entire family can love and enjoy for years to come.

After all, there’s no place like home.