Range of the Month - Portman Oak

Our Portman Oak furniture comes in a number of different styles to suit any interior. With traditional Portman Oak collection, we also offer the range painted in white, cream and stone grey. This classic furniture lends itself extraordinarily well to painted wood style, looking elegant and subtle in any home, while retaining the glamour of all oak furniture.

Classic Design

Portman Oak

The simple design of Portman Oak furniture couldn’t be more classic. Made with bold, straight edges and softly curved corners, this range of furniture looks as sturdy as the oak it is cut from. The painted wood lends a matte appearance that adds to that stable frame, while a plain wooden oak top on each piece gives the range an exciting twist. The entire effect is finished off with contrasting silver knobs and handles that stand out from each piece without being distracting.

Soft Painted Colour

Whether it’s painted in white, cream or stone grey, the Portman painted oak bedroom collections uses these soft, neutral colours to its advantage. These colours are reminiscent of rural farmhouse furniture, a simple and tasteful decoration that perfectly matches this furniture’s sturdy appearance and practical nature. The wooden top and matte paint help the furniture retain its initial wooden character, emphasising the classic nature of the piece.

Traditional Oak Top

Portman Cream

The traditional oak top is present in every piece of Portman painted furniture, and in every case centres the piece around its nature as wooden furniture, while also adding a colourful twist to an otherwise neutrally coloured design. While the painted finish is flat and smooth, the oak top retains its unique grain, standing out without overpowering the simplicity of the main piece.

Timeless, Beautiful, Furniture for Life

Overall, the Portman Oak Furniture range is a timeless, beautiful range of furniture intended to last a lifetime. Thanks to the traditional oak top, each piece has a story of its own like any of our wooden furniture. The matte painted finish also helps each piece tell a story in your home, one of simple happiness and classic style.

Add a Portman Oak Furniture Range to your home. Find the colour that most matches your décor, or the colour that speaks most to you and redecorate around it.

Portman Painted Oak Furniture in White

Portman Painted Oak Furniture in Cream

Portman Painted Oak Furniture in Stone Grey

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