Top 10 Deep Clean Tips

Top 10 Deep Clean Tips

Its official Spring is finally here! And if you’ve been putting off that Spring Clean, we’ve got some tips and hints to help give you the motivation you need. These are our top 10 tips on spring-cleaning your house like a pro.

Tip 1: Work Down

Quite simple really, work from upstairs and down, this helps you to keep track of everything and allows you to pace yourself. Speaking of pace, take your time, try and do everything in steps; you don’t need to do everything at once, it becomes over whelming. We recommend you tidy first; the second thing to do would be to dust, then clean and finish off with a vacuum.

Tip 2: Clear Out

This is the one thing most people put off, but if you have items in your house that you never use and they simply take up valuable space, the best thing to do is to sell them; naturally this excludes things that have sentimental value. The question to ask yourself: do you need it? If you decide to clear items donate them to a charity shops or find a local boot sale.

Tip 3: Cleaning Out My Curtains

Not something we always think about but, cleaning your curtains thoroughly is so important and it is something that should be done at least once a year. Neglected curtains can rot, which is why we recommend you do clean them every so often. If you’re not sure where to start then the first thing to note is looking into what material they are made from. If your curtains are made from velvet, tapestries, brocades and chenille then they’re a dry clean only. If your curtains are made from cotton or any textile similar, they are safe to at home.

Tip 4: Scrub

This one is easy; simply give your carpet a deep clean. This is another thing that most people put off, but imagine the gratification of brand new looking and feeling carpets. If you’re not up to it yourself, call in a professional.

Tip 5: Wipe

This tip is worth the effort. We recommend you rub down the inside of all your drawers with Cedar Wood Oil. Here’s the reason why, to kill off any larvae. We also recommend you put any clothes that have been stored away in a bag and freeze them for 24 hours, or if you’re not feeling adventurous, wash them at the hottest temperature - just be careful with delicates at a high temperature.

Tip 6: Lights Out

Cleaning light fixtures can be dangerous, so please be careful and only do this if you’re sure you know what you’re doing. First, remove any shades, globes or bulbs and clean them with warm soapy water. Now leave them to dry off completely. To clean the fixed parts of the lights (the parts you cannot disassemble) use a damp cloth and give them a quick wipe down, again wait for it to thoroughly dry before reassembling.

Tip 7: Mattress Flipping

Mattresses can be a pain in the back (no pun intended) however, we’ve got a solution to make sure your new mattress keeps that new mattress feel. Keep flipping your mattress over every three months but make sure to keep switching the foot and the head as well. This will help your mattress maintain its natural shape and not only feel great but also look almost brand new.

Tip 8: Fresh Bed

So you’ve got a lovely fresh mattress and now all you need is to freshen up your bed too. To do this, wash your quilt, duvets and pillows. Whether natural or synthetic fibers they’ll all wash perfectly fine but fitting them into your washing machine may be a challenge, so we recommend launderettes.

Tip 9: Loosen Up

Your Loose Upholstery covers should also be washed or dry cleaned, depending upon the material, and then placed back onto the furniture whilst it is still damp to help maintain the shape.

Tip 10: Share the Fun

Spring Cleaning is all a lot of work for one person, so we would recommend getting your family and friends involved too (especially the kids!), or at least try, don’t take it all on own – and remember to have fun!

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