6 Spectacular Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Revamp your Home!

6 Spectacular Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Revamp your Home!

Recycling or up-cycling is at an all time high and what a better way to restyle your home than to put life back into the items you’ve loved and cherished for so many years. Transform unused objects into unique, one-of-a-kind gems with our easy, inexpensive up-cycling ideas!

1. Bottle Cap Tea Lights

Bottle Cap

With this easy and novel idea, you can up-cycle 2 items at once! Using old candles and beer/wine bottle tops from the night before – soothe that fuzzy head.

Simply melt down old wax candles in a bain-marie and pour into clean metal bottle tops with the rubber removed and use packing string as a wick. Pour a drop of wax into the middle of the bottle top to hold the wick in place while you fill the top up.

 Tip - If you have any essential oils pour a few drop into the melted wax to not only make the your room bask in a beautiful glow, but smell pleasant and relaxing too. Also works great with jam jars and their lids…!

2. Book Shelves

Book Shelves

It seems a crime to throw away a good book – considering the time and effort that goes into writing and publishing a good read. So, reuse that beautiful piece of literature you’ve treasured for years, by turning into a bookshelf that wont damage the book, but will give it pride of place, plus you’ll know exactly where to find it when you feel like getting lost in it once again.

Attach 2 L-brackets to the wall, we recommend using 80mm brackets to ensure your book is properly supported. Also go for a series of at lease three shelves, space them evenly above one another or randomly for a more unsystematic look.

Lay your book flat on top of the brackets, now you are ready to place which ever ornament you wish, we like a vase of flowers or candles – but be sure to put a heat proof or protective mat underneath first!

 Tip – Hardback books work better, especially if you’re storing items on top.

 3. Soap Dispenser Jar

Drinking out of reused jars has become increasingly popular over the years, no longer is this trend associated with just the deep south of USA. So, why not change it up a little by up-cycling jam jars into soap or hand cream dispensers? Give your sink an instant quirky touch by swapping your standard dispenser something more unique.

Measure and mark the lid of your chosen jar to match the size of the dispenser pump. Drill a hole through the lid large enough to fit the pump into.

Fill your jar with liquid soap or lotion, screw the lid on and you’re ready to go!

Trim the dispensers tube if need be.

 Tip – Decorate the jar to make this feature even more unique, or get the kids involved too to help encourage hand washing.

 4. DVD Mosaics

DVD Mosaics

We’ve found a novel way to recycle those unwanted or scratched DVDs – turn them into a mosaic! This process can be done on almost anything, revamping picture frames, around mirrors or even old serving dishes! And it’s so simple to achieve.

DVDs are made of 2 parts, it is a lot easier to separate these parts, so the colourful film sticks to the under side of the DVD. A hairdryer will aid in making this process easier – be careful when the DVD is hot. Snip into pieces and assemble your pattern using glue – remember to leave a little gap between the pieces of tile. Spread grout over the area and remove any excess with a damp cloth.

 Tip – You can now spray a clear gloss over your chosen revamped item to add an extra little sparkle or even use coloured grout.

 5. Nautical Curtain

Nautical Curtain

Reignite the feeling of white sand under your feet and the soothing sounds of the sea along the shore by bringing those holiday memories home. Let the joys of the beach flow through your home and transform your window area with a vintage oar as a curtain pole for a quirky up-to-trend nautical theme.

First, make sure the oar you have the same length or more then the width of your window and it reaches both sides of the window. This helps to create more of a focal feature.

Use two semi-circle brackets wide enough for the oar to rest comfortably in and attach these to the wall. Thread curtain rings on to the oar, hang your chosen curtain and simply slot the oar on to the bracket -  stand back and admire!

Tip – Use a nautical style curtain to carry the theme through.

6. Glassware Storage

Glassware Storage

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, why not bring the some of that passion inside your home?

You achieve this look, using little to no money at all, using an old rake, picking one up from a car boot sale or your local garden centre. Cut off the handle and attach to the wall, as if you were leaning against a wall. We found toggle bolts or anchor screws, screwed directly into the wall worked best and will keep your precious stemware from any damage.

Tip – Great as teacup holder or somewhere to store your keys!

If time is of the essence, but you still love the idea of unique pieces to make your home say more about you, take a visit to the House of Oak showroom or browse our website for inspiration.