Why Oak?

Why Oak?


Oak by name, Oak by nature.


Here at House of Oak, we live and breathe Oak furniture – whether it’s in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. The benefits of Oak in the home are endless, and – not that we’re biased – the stunning aesthetics of the material is just an additional bonus…

Purchasing furniture is an investment in itself, and maintenance of some furniture can be expensive! With Oak furniture, you need not worry – it stays in tip-top condition all year round, only needing a polish twice annually! These occasional polishes will help to buff out any light scratches or damage. 

Due to the solid, sturdy stature of Oak furniture, it remains strong and durable before, during and after use. Oak is a particularly popular material option in the craftsmanship of office essentials such as desks, shelves and chairs, all designed to hold heavy objects without buckling under any pressure. Cheaper alternatives may last for a few years, but with the correct maintenance and careful usage, Oak furniture can last a lifetime.

On top of the practicality of Oak as a material, its classical signature look is another reason to invest. Due to the natural neutrality, it works well with most other materials and colours, giving you the ultimate freedom to redecorate your home as often as you’d like and make changes to your home without worrying about furniture clashes. If you’re worried about the appearance of your Oak furniture as it ages, relax! The durability of Oak means that it can often look better after ageing a little, with an aged Oak bringing a warm, rustic charm into your home.

Oak furniture is available is a variety of different forms – from bedframes, nightstands, and drawer chests, to coffee tables, dining chairs, and sideboards. Due to its compatibility with most other colours and materials, mixing and matching isn’t an issue, and you can throw different pieces of furniture together to your hearts content! Wooden stain is available and often already applied to some Oak furniture, meaning you can lighten, darken and change the colour and shade of your furniture to challenge the traditional Oak colouring.

If all of these wonderful Oak attributes aren’t enough to have you chopping down trees, browse our beautiful Oak collections online for a little more persuasion. Better yet, visit us at our impressive showroom to get an even closer look at the goodies we have in store, and choose a treat for you and your house.

After all, there’s no place like home.