Attic Bedroom Furniture Ideas: Advice & Inspiration

Attic Bedroom Furniture Ideas: Advice & Inspiration

Looking to build up and make the most of your attic space? Turning your attic into a room is the perfect solution for households that are in need of that extra bit of space. 


Whether you’re turning your attic into a teenager's bedroom, an enviable walk-in wardrobe, a modern office space, or a cosy hideaway, building up in the attic can present all kinds of challenges in the form of slanted roofs and awkward spaces. 


Whatever challenges your attic room comes with, there are plenty of easy ways of maximising your space and creating a unique room that is perfect for you. 


Here are our top loft bedroom ideas for maximising your attic space.


Embrace the structural beams and slanted edges

The presence of structural beams in attic rooms is often inevitable. They are the strong frame of any house, which keeps the whole building together, making them pretty important. Instead of trying to hide beams, make them an architectural focal point of the room. Original features can often be seen as an annoyance, but when you look at the many ways of dressing them up and down, they can really bring out the character of your room. 


Structural beams are brimming with loft bedroom inspiration, think about leaving a wood beam bare and varnish up with some wood stain for a rustic or farmhouse look. Pair a beam with climbing or hanging plants for more texture. Or if you’re working with a metal beam, incorporate this into a more clean, contemporary look with white-washed walls.


Create a cosy space to nestle in

Attics can be cold and dreary places to go. But once you’ve renovated your attic into a room and hidden the dark corners and cobwebs away, they can actually be the cosiest room of the house. Paired with soft furnishings, dark and two-toned colours, and fairy lights, the beams and panelling can make the perfect place to nestle. Simple colour schemes and warm lighting can really create a snug atmosphere which welcomes rest or, the ideal place to escape and read a book.


Keep your soft furnishings easily accessible in a practical but beautiful real oak blanket box.


Don’t hide away textures

Attic rooms often have different textures to the rest of the house. Like many elements of an attic room, these can become a great decorating opportunity. Got a brick wall or chimney? Don’t cover them up, keep them on show to establish a rustic, but modern hideaway. 


Create a feeling of space with mirrors

A consequence of the lower ceilings and awkward spaces in an attic room is that they can feel a lot smaller than other rooms in a house. An easy solution to make small rooms feel bigger is to strategically place mirrors in the room. Not only will mirrors keep you looking sharp, they also help to reflect light and create an illusion of space if placed in the correct place. 


Hanging mirrors, wall mirrors or stand alone mirrors can all be used to bounce light into all the space in your attic room. Antique and rustic looking mirrors are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing and can add interest to your decor.


Our real oak mirrors come in an array of shapes and sizes, for all styles of rooms and make the perfect attic bedroom furniture. 


Find storage solutions in every nook and cranny

If your attic room is only small, or you’re fighting with awkward sized spaces and angles, you’ll want to use every nook and cranny to build effective storage. The more storage you have, the less cluttered your room will be and it will feel much more open and spacious. 


Consider built-in attic bedroom furniture in the form of bookshelves, drawers for wardrobes. Or, if there is space in your attic room, create a multipurpose room by fitting a desk for additional office space or a tv unit for an extra hangout space.


Furniture items such as an otterman bed frame, or 4-drawer beds  allow for tidy, out-the-way storage underneath a bed or blanket boxes which can be neatly stored at the end of a bed or underneath slanted roofs.


Struggling to fit attic bedroom furniture into your space?

Ditch your headboard or large bed frame. If you’re really tight for space or you want to fit a bed underneath a slanted beam or roof, forget having a headboard, and even a full bed frame. Although great for comfort, headboards and large bed frames may not be the most practical attic bedroom furniture as they can be quite bulky. Placing a bed underneath a slanted roof can create the ultimate cosy set up and a great night sleep!


Construct a walk-in wardrobe of dreams

Have you always dreamed of a walk-in wardrobe? One of our favourite loft bedroom ideas is to use your attic room to create a luxury dressing room. Fit your attic with real oak wardrobes, dressing tables, shoe cupboards, mirrors and stools for the perfect dressing room setup. 


Building a dressing room can allow for more privacy and space as well as more room in other rooms in the house that are currently holding shoes, clothes and makeup.


Make the ultimate games room

Whether you’re into video games or board games, attic rooms make the coolest games rooms. Attic rooms feel private from the rest of the house and with the ability to add cool decor that could even be separate from the rest of the house, you can create a hangout that all ages want to be in. 


If you want to fit your games room with a TV unit, Hi-Fi unit, sofa or coffee table, our real oak furniture has got you covered for making a high quality and relaxing games room.


Lighting loft bedroom ideas


Install natural light first

Lighting can be a tricky one to get right in an attic bedroom. If you’re in the design stages of your loft bedroom, be sure to try and get as much natural light in as possible as this is what can flip your attic room from cold and dark to light and airy. Skylight windows are a must.


Install skylight windows, as these will allow for plenty of light to come in, are the easiest to put in place and don’t take up too much valuable vertical wall space. Natural light will help make your loft room feel more like a room as opposed to just storage space. If possible, aim to have a skylight window on both sides of the room so you get light throughout the day. 


If you’re planning on having a bed under a slanted roof, having a bed underneath a skylight also helps to make it not feel claustrophobic and allow you to gaze at the sky from your bed. 


Light fittings

With ceiling space at a premium, spotlights are a good option which don’t take too much space and create a good amount of light. Spotlights can also be installed into low ceiling areas that don’t get as much light.


Loft rooms are also a great place to experiment with different light fixtures to go in different areas. Retro wall sconces can add interest and warmth to a room, as well as lamps and fairy lights for a cosy feel. You may decide to choose a chandelier or feature hanging light. Although these can take up more ceiling space, they are an effective loft bedroom idea for amplifying light, as well as being visually appealing.



There are no right or wrong colours for an attic bedroom. Of course, the golden rule is that if you’re looking for more light, choose a white or light colour scheme. 


Using darker colours can add texture to a loft room and accent painted or wallpapered walls are perfect for adding in colour without taking over the whole room. If you do opt for a darker coloured wall, simply add in some more light fittings, or pair with lighter furnishings. 


So what are our top loft bedroom ideas?


  • Utilise space with effective storage and suitable furniture
  • Create as much light as possible through colours, lighting and mirrors
  • Loft bedrooms can be used for more than just bedrooms


Looking for more loft bedroom furniture ideas? Shop by room or check out our blog for more furniture inspiration.