How To Make Your Bedroom Cosy

How To Make Your Bedroom Cosy

A bedroom should be a safe place to relax, rest and sleep. After a long day, you should be able to return to your bedroom and feel at ease. We all appreciate a cosy house after a day outside, especially a cosy room.

But, what if the place you sleep and rest isn’t cosy? What if you don’t like your room? Having a nice place that’s just yours is important for your wellbeing, so we’ve got 6 great tips on how to make your bedroom cosy.

1. Colours are key

Picking the right colour is arguably the most important thing you can do for your bedroom. There are even psychological studies that show how a colour can affect your mood. So, choosing a colour that will make you smile as you walk in is definitely a must.

Opt for warm colours

Warm colours give you an emotional hug - the golden yellows, soft oranges and browns. Nothing says cosy better than the warm side of the colour spectrum. Blues, greys and whites may be calming, but if you are aiming for something cosy, should be avoided as they can also come across as cold and uninviting.

One study showed how well participants slept in rooms with different colours, and the main colour to avoid... was purple! This is arguably the worst colour you can have for a bedroom as people slept the least and were the most stimulated - which is not what you need when you want to clock out for the night.

Don’t be afraid to choose more than one colour

Adding more than one colour to your bedroom certainly adds depth to your room, and it can definitely help amp up the cosiness. Oftentimes, choosing one warm colour can make your room look clogged, so having a feature wall is important to make your room breathable. This way, you can choose calmer colours for the other walls, which strikes a nice balance between cosy and relaxed.

2. Furniture

The right furniture for your bedroom is another important step in achieving cosiness. The objects you look at in your room should bring joy and not make you want to toss it into the skip!

Feng Shui

Have you heard of Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the chinese art of arranging objects in order to achieve harmony and balance. If you want a cosy bedroom - achieving Feng Shui is crucial.

Striking the right balance between too much furniture and not enough can be tricky. We’ve all seen the TV shows where people hoard, but we’ve also seen pictures of bedrooms with just a mattress on the floor and a pot plant. Do neither!

Achieving balance and symmetry is important for us humans - our eyes love it. For example, don’t bundle too much ‘stuff’ into one area, but arrange items neatly across a space, and think carefully about where they should go.

Pro tip - Place your bed in the commanding position, facing away from the door where you can see it, but not directly across from it. If you can’t achieve this, use a mirror to reflect the door so you can see it. Being able to see the door puts us at ease and is the main rule of Feng Shui.

The right bed…

Beds really are the centre of the room, and if you want a cosy bedroom, start at the beginning with a snug bed. Fabric and wooden bed frames give cosy vibes, whereas metal frames can be cold. Need inspiration? Check out our range of oak beds.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables or nightstands, are another step in achieving harmony and peace in your bedroom. Identical bedside tables are actually a part of Feng Shui, because it creates symmetry on both sides of your bed and helps to put your mind at rest while you sleep.

You should aim for bedside tables lower than your bed, this way they won’t be encroaching on your space and you won’t feel overruled by them. The recommended height is no higher than your mattress.

Removing clutter from your nightstands is also useful. Getting rid of items that will stress you out, i.e. work stuff, bills etc. is crucial in getting a good night's rest. You should have the bare minimum next to you, for example, a book and a glass of water.

Looking for some bedside tables perfect for attaining Feng Shui? Have a browse at our oak bedside tables.

Furniture styles

Choosing furniture that goes well together stylistically is key. You may think you must have identical furniture everywhere, but mismatching is in fashion. Matching sets can feel a bit too perfect and render your bedroom characterless, while mismatching sets can be cute and add a homey feel - definitely a good way to make your bedroom cosy.

As well as this, you should pick furniture that has the right undertones. Oak is a good choice, as it has both warm and cool colour palettes.

Optional extras

Aside from the main furniture in your bedroom… bed, drawers, wardrobe, you can always add something else to make it more personal. For example, a footstool or a chair are great options if you have the space, then you are not confined to your bed when you want to hang out in your room.

We have a range of chairs and footstools that are a lovely addition to the bedroom. Browse all our oak bedroom furniture.

3. Let there be light!

We all know lighting is the difference between a good or bad picture, and it’s the same with rooms. Lighting can truly make or break a space.

Lamps go a long way

Sometimes you can do very little to change the type of lighting that your room has been fitted with, so having a lamp is an easy way to fix this.

Having a lamp on makes a more relaxed atmosphere and increases the cosiness of your bedroom. Always opt for a lamp that lights up your room well, but doesn’t blind you when looking at it! A good example of this would be a Globe lamp - which casts a diffused light across the space. The shape produces soft lighting and the perfect ambience for a relaxing evening in.

However, if one lamp just isn’t enough, you can even experiment with the light and use multiple lamps. Place them in different corners of the room and see what effect you like best, who knows what cool silhouettes you can create.

The right light shade

How the bulb bounces off the light shade affects how light is dispersed throughout the room. If you opt for a patterned light shade over an opaque one, this will create a beautiful silhouette on the walls, rather than an unflattering beam of light from the ceiling.

It is important when creating your cosy bedroom, that the light travels perfectly and softly throughout.

Pro tip - your light will travel much further with the use of mirrors.

Fairy lights

Nothing says cosy better than fairy lights - they’re pretty, warm and you can arrange them however you see fit. There are also many to choose from - classic stringed ones, bulbed ones, you can even put them in some jars and make a display!

4. Carpets, rugs and the rest.

The true things that make a bedroom cosy lies with the soft items that create a warm, safe space. You can’t go wrong when it comes to carpets and rugs.

Carpets = Cosy.

A lovely, plush carpet does wonders in creating a snug bedroom. Though wooden floors are great for a sophisticated look in other parts of the house, nothing says welcome to your bedroom like a soft carpet on your feet. Not only this, but they’re also cheaper and sound proof if you have neighbours below.

Rugs, rugs, rugs.

Rugs are an excellent choice in creating a cosy space - just ask Pinterest. There are also a panoply of options that can enhance your bedroom and make it extra cosy. For example, fluffy rugs are definitely a yes - they are kind to your feet and give a homey feel. And when it comes to choosing the colour, you can’t really go wrong with something that’s already soft and welcoming, so go ahead and choose your favourite.

Extra pillows.

Stacking your bed up with a few pillows will make it look even better. You could even match your pillows to your bed throw, which would not only make your bedroom cosy, but also give it a sophisticated look. Kashmere faux fur pillows are a great option as they are soft and nice to look at. However, if you’re not into faux fur, you could choose some linen bolster pillows, which look neat and can be arranged to your liking.


By adding a blanket on top of your bed, you are quite literally adding another layer of comfort to your bed. Soft, faux fur is a popular choice in creating a snug atmosphere, but any blanket that’ll keep you warm will be fine.

5. Don’t leave the walls bare!

When a wall is bare it lacks warmth, which is important in achieving cosiness, so the key is to fill up your walls with things that you love.

Wall art is your friend

There are so many sites that sell cool, beautifully designed wall art, such as Fy and Etsy. Choosing some nice pictures for your room can do wonders and make it feel like your own haven. You can pick any pictures, don’t worry too much about if they will go together, as said before, mismatching is the trend.

You can put pictures up using some sticky command hooks or even frame them if you're after something classy. Remember to avoid blue tack though, as the stains are tough to remove.

Wall mural?

Now you may think wall murals are only for artists, but having a go at creating some wall art can really make your space personal. You could try the popular geometric shape design trend from TikTok, using tape to guide you, or you could try painting some stars, moons and galaxies to send you off to sleep.

There are even wall mural stencils available if you want to make sure you don’t make any smudges or go outside the lines. If all else fails, simply paint over it if you just want to have a go. Wall murals definitely bring warmth and character to your bedroom, which in turn will make it much more cosy.

Personal Pics

Dressing up your walls with your own photos is a lovely touch to make you feel safe and snug in your bedroom. Why not print off some pictures of your favourite moments and stick them on your wall - you can do this with command stickers, or even a cork board and pins. Polaroids are also very trendy at the moment, so if you have some - put them up.

6. It’s the little things

Again with keeping it personal, having ornaments is another step in creating a homey bedroom. Filling your room with items that are relevant and important to you create a safe and familiar space.

As well as this, plants can be added to give the room an outdoor and earthy vibe. You then have the benefit of seeing nature, but from the comfort of your bedroom. Studies have even shown that having plants in your house improves happiness, boosts your mood and reduces stress.


You don’t necessarily need to do every single thing on this list, but using at least 2 or 3 should do the trick in making your bedroom feel warm, safe and cosy.