Large Bedroom Layout Ideas and Inspiration

Large Bedroom Layout Ideas and Inspiration

A large bedroom space is mostly a blessing, but it can also present a few challenges! When it comes to arranging your furniture, you can sometimes have too much choice. Then, if you get it wrong, it’s more effort to move things around again. It is a daunting task!

You want your bedroom to be the most comfortable, most relaxing, most personally energising space in your house. You could even argue that the bedroom is the most important room in the house.

That’s why at House of Oak we want to give you some ideas that will help bring you closer to a layout for a large bedroom that you will stay in love with.

The Rules to Follow For Big Bedroom Layouts

Make use of the open space. The room should feel comfortably open without feeling awkwardly empty. Airy but not lonely. Give your bed lots of companion furniture and decorations to fill in yearning swathes of space, but don’t try and fill every centimetre. It’s a balance.

Divide the room into areas. Avoid your bedroom becoming visually chaotic by blocking the space into parts with particular functions. If you need to take the divisions of your room to the next level, you can physically separate parts of the room with curtains. However, in most cases, a spatial and visual separation is all that is required.

Choose where to put the bed first. Assuming your room is roughly rectangular, you can either put the bed’s headboard against the short wall or the long wall. As the biggest piece of furniture in the room, it is a good idea to place the bed first and design around it.

Don’t be shy about storage. You can never have enough storage. Well, perhaps if the storage is getting in the way, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve already got a lot of floorspace.

Add a seating area. With a large room, you don’t have to limit yourself to a bedroom dedicated to sleep and storage. Turn your bedroom into a multifunctional area with additional seating. You can use the space to read, relax with a drink, or to sit and have private conversations with your partner. This area might take the form of a window seat, a reading nook, or something else entirely.

Layout Option #1

Here’s an extra large bedroom that embraces the idea of separation of areas. The bed sits against the long wall, but not in the middle of the room. Instead, a huge amount of space is left open in front of the doorway to the next room. The lucky occupants in this house have more than enough space to roam and stretch in one half of the room.

Layout Option #2

The best thing about this room is the light from the large French windows. The owner has smartly kept the floor space in front of the window free so that the most open area of the room is also the best lit. The beds are in the darker half of the room, but are still facing the light. If the occupants of this room wanted to upgrade to wooden beds, we would recommend the Cotswold Rustic Pine 3FT Single Bed painted in white.

Layout Option #3

Our favourite thing about this room is the seating area by the window in this bedroom. Every part of this room has a function and purpose without leading to an overcrowded space. Between the bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, and the shelf in the nook by the window, there is no shortage of storage space in this room. The cabinet reminds us of our Harmony Oak 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet, which is ideal for a modern cream and brown bedroom like this one.

House of Oak Bedroom Ranges

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